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Access Denied

Not everyone needs access to your life. Let me say that again, not everyone needs access to your life. What I mean by this is that it is completely up to you on how much and who you want to share with. I think we live in a society where we have this entitlement to know other people’s business like it’s owed to us but in reality, it shouldn’t be the expectation. We may even have friends, family, coworker’s, people that follow us on social media etc. that this would apply to also. It’s ok to say access denied if you don’t want to share certain parts of your life with others, it doesn’t mean that you are shutting someone out or that you are being rude. It just simple means that this is something I rather keep private. On the flip side of this, if someone denies you access to certain parts of their life, be open and respectful of their decision.

I have a friend that when we were younger, we use to hangout often, we even worked together at one point but as we grew older, we talked less. Even though we had grown apart that is still someone I call my friend, for example if I were to text her, I know we would talk and catch up no problem. A big event happened in her life, and I thought that I was entitled to have access and when it was a big ACCESS DENIED I was offended. It took me a long time to reach out to her and I had to apologized for allowing what I thought I should have access to stop me from checking in on her. What I failed to realize was that I made things about me instead of understanding her point of view. After talking with her I completely understood. Dening someone access doesn’t have to mean something negative; you can still have relationships and build connections while keeping some things private.

“Not everyone needs access to your life”


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