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I’m Lazy so What

I have these days where I have so much, I want to get done but then decide I’m just going to be lazy today and you know what it’s ok. The environment that we live in it’s like we always have to be doing something, creating something or always on the go and if you’re not doing that then you may be labelled as lazy, have a lack of motivation, or being unsuccessful. But sometimes we need to just say I’m gonna be lazy today. Disconnecting and taking some time to not do anything can be refreshing, it’s a time to recharge and shut out the noise.

I know that I’ve felt really bad about myself before because I saw so many people doing this, that, and the other and here I was just chillin on my couch not doing anything. I felt guilty because I wasn’t doing something productive with my time. I was always thinking about what other people are doing and forgetting that not everyone has to follow the same outline. I can be lazy today but that doesn’t mean I will be lazy tomorrow. I work 8 hours a day Monday to Friday and by the time I’m finished working the motivation to do anything is not there and guess what it’s ok. Go at your own pace, don’t feel pressured to follow someone else’s.

Don’t rush me, I’m still deciding weather I’ll be productive today - anonymous


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