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Steps Toward Self Love

What is self love? I came up with this idea a few years ago as part of my goal setting to come up with themes of what I wanted to focus on each year. I wanted to focus more on working on myself and came up with the Sense of Self theme. I wanted to get to know myself on a deeper level and self love is something that I needed to work on. When I started my mentorship program my mentor and I customized a plan for myself to work towards self love. I went through Hustle with Intention Academy Founded by Chivon John and I wanted to share some of what I learned with you about self love and what I’m working towards.

1. Rewriting my believes – I had to work on an exercise where I wrote down the beliefs I thought about myself. When I took a minute to re-read them most if not all were negative statements. I never really thought about the things that I was saying daily could be things that I believed but, they were, and I don’t think I understood the impact that they had on me. To start changing the believes I had about myself I learned that I had to set clear intentions, I had to accept where I was in life and the rules I create for my life to let them guide me.

2. Respecting my fears – A lot of my fear comes from the unknown and the what ifs so how do I change my mindset to understanding where my fear comes from and get down to the root of that fear. Changing my relationship with fear, I had to break out of my comfort zone and as humans we are comfortable with the familiar even though it may not be the best for us. To start respecting my fear I had to learn to hang out with my fear, curiosity can help you move forward and when that fear comes along think about what if it does work.

3. Loving myself from the inside out – Going back rewriting my believes I found that this is a big part of self love. To love myself from the inside out means to be kind to myself, giving myself grace and feeling fulfilled. One thing I am working on to love myself from the inside out is reciting words of affirmation. Reciting words of affirmation daily can be the beginning to changing how you think and look at yourself. Today you can start with “I trust me to come through for myself”.

4. Celebrating Me – Its so important to take the time to celebrate me. This mean that I take the time to do things for myself that makes me happy or something that challenges me whether that’s taking a course, pampering myself and getting my nails done, going on a trip or even taking the time to journal and be with my thoughts. Release your expectations and focus on the here and now.

If you are on the journey of self love know that YOU ARE ENOUGH!

The best day of your life is the day that you decide that your life is your own”. - Chivon John


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