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The Power of Letting Go

As I go through this journey of rediscovery something came to me about how important it is to let go. What I mean by letting go is letting go of things that we consciously or unconsciously harbor. I tend to hold on to things, material things, people, words etc. and when I think about why I think it’s a way to protect myself from really feeling that loss. My mom passed when I was younger and when you lose someone we try to hold onto every ounce of that person. We hold onto memories, pictures, and even some of their things. I believe the reason why we have a hard time doing so could be that it was the very things that shaped us, it could be that letting go means letting go of the good memories. But letting go doesn’t have to be a negative experience, it can be truly freeing.

Throughout my life I have had close friendships or relationships that have come to an end and to this day I still think about them, I think about all the good memories and all I want to do is hold onto that. I also know that it is really hard on me when someone close to me is no longer in my life and I can say that in some situations I have the urge to reach out and get back what I feel I have lost. I also know that if I feel things are unfinished or I didn’t get closure from a situation my mind tends to wonder about the what ifs and the why and over time it becomes harder and harder to let go.

Through reflection I realize that its ok to let things go and still appreciate the experiences that came with it. Just because something is no longer apart of your life doesn’t take away from the time or experience you had. Being able to let go sets you free, it gives you the power to take control over what has been keeping you stuck or holding you in a place where you no longer need to be. It allows you to have peace of mind. I believe letting go is a process that you have to take your time with because not every situation will be easy and its ok to go through your own process to figure out what works best for you.

“Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down.” ― Roy T. Bennett


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